Twitter Stir: Okrika Vendor’s $1850 Discovery Sparks Moral Debate

A Nigerian man has recently called out his friend’s sister, who sell fairly used clothing, popularly called ‘okrika’. The young woman found a whooping sum of $1850 (N1.5 million) tucked inside the bundle of okrika clothes she purchased.

The lady turned to her brother’s friend, @UncleCCA, for advice and guidance on what to do with the money. He advised her to return the money as a testament to her faith as a child of God, emphasizing the need for honesty and integrity.

In response to his counsel, the Twitter user noticed that he could no longer see her WhatsApp status or send her messages. He expressed his confusion, stating, “My friend’s sister who sells Okirika just found $1850 in the bundle she bought. I urged her to return it, as a child of God should. I can’t see her WhatsApp status anymore, and my messages aren’t delivering. What happened?”

This incident led to a lot of humorous responses from netizens in reaction to the Twitter user’s inquiry.

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