Pochettino: Chelsea hopes to finish the season strong

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino has revealed that his side will aim to finish the 2023/24 season well.

The Blues secured an impressive 3-2 victory over Nottingham Forest despite falling behind in the game and the victory has moved them close to a Europa spot after securing 57 points.

Pochettino has taking time to examine the performance of his young team this term and is confident his side can end the season impressively.

Pochettino told Sky Sports: “The way we always believe until the end, in football – it’s always to fight and find your best. I’ve seen the players from the bench making a big impact, I’m so happy to recover. I’m sorry it’s only two games to go until the end of the season, but it’s good for the team to finish the season with the hope to be strong and start really well the new season.

“I think we are honest, we were punished for the first 10 games. Our performances were good but not clinical in front of the goal. All the data showed we were in a different position. But we were not effective. But if we count since the victory of Tottenham, that’s 25 or 26 games, we are in the top four or five. But the problem is that the first 10 games, we didn’t start well.

“We have struggled with these opponents. When we play opponents against teams like Tottenham and Liverpool, we don’t feel the pressure and play with more freedom. This young team need these moments to realise how we need to compete.

“It’s not about playing well, but you need to be available and find your own motivation to chase players who are not big names. But it’s about to be more mature and capacity to believe and never give up. The last few months, the team is showing this capacity to be strong in our mind and be more mature. That is so important for the future.”

Pochettino on his future

Pochettino was under an intense pressure following Chelsea’s 5-0 defeat against Arsenal in April, notwithstanding, he has insisted that he would like to continue his job with the Blues in as much as his bosses are pleased to retain services.

“To clarify, and I don’t need to clarify, if the owners are happy with my job and our job then we can continue. I am always a coach that is thinking long-term. I still have one year on my contract, I am thinking to be here. There’s nothing wrong.”

Chelsea will take on Brighton & Hove Albion in a Premier League game on May 15.

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