Man commits suicide over 2.5m loss to bet

A Nigerian businessman, Onoh Chukwuka Richard, from Arochukwu Local Government in Abia state, reportedly committed suicide after losing a N2.5 million bet over the weekend.

He allegedly used a sniper and was later rushed to a hospital in Abia State, where he was confirmed dead by the doctor in duty.

Chukwuka made an ambiguous post on his Facebook page, implying that something bad was about to befall him before his death.

He wrote: “Today is my last day on earth. Going to meet my maker.”

In another post, the Richard made a complaint that he used 2.5 million naira to place a bet, and that he borrowed 1.2 million of the lost money from someone and was worried about repaying the debt.

He went on to complain about how his unemployment had turned him into a gambler. He told a friend he was chatting with that he (Richard) might be dead by the time the reader saw the chat.

Richard concluded that the only way to avoid facing his debtor was to commit suicide.

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