Kompany: Burnley has nothing to lose against Tottenham

Burnley manager Vincent Kompany has insisted that his side has nothing at stake against Tottenham Hotspur. Both sides will face off in a Premier League game on Saturday.

The Clarets are without a win in their last two games, the unimpressive performances have condemned them to the relegation zone and a further loss could end their quest to remain in the English topflight.

Notwithstanding, Kompany has stated that his team is not under pressure to perform against Spurs, who are also winless in their last four games.
Kompany said in a pre-match press conference: “I wouldn’t describe this game as a high pressure game for us. I don’t think we have anything to lose, if you go into this weekend protecting a two-point lead I can see how that’s a different mindset.

“Perhaps I’d be trying to convince myself if I was saying there is no pressure at that moment, but in this case I genuinely believe it’s all opportunity and if that energy can live from now hopefully into the last game, I don’t want to think about the Forest game right now.

“I think this is our last game and I think that if we give ourselves a final v Forest that’s a final. This is our last game of the regular season and anything can happen on the final day of the season as you know.

“We’ve got to believe. It doesn’t matter what game we have played, we played Newcastle and we had 17 shots, 17 attempts. We could have had another 10 if the final ball [was better] or we were a little bit better in our decision making.
“There is no surprise as well, it’s the reason why we are where we are. It’s the reason why you would pay top money on certain players because more often than not they make the right decision and more often than not they hit the target.

“But on any given day, players can do something special and that’s the mindset for Saturday. Can it be the day you do something special.”

Burnley currently has 24 points from 36 games to occupy the 15th spot on the Premier League table.

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