Sean Dyche: It’ been a strange season for Everton

Everton manager Sean Dyche has revealed that the 2023/24 season has been very “strange” for his side, notwithstanding he is pleased with the performances of his players.

The Toffees are currently 15th on the Premier League table after gathering 37 points from 36 games, the efforts have saved them from relegation this season.
Dyche has expressed his satisfaction with all the members of his team and has applauded them for their performances, despite the difficult campaign they endured while hoping they will finish well at the end of the season.

Dyche said: “[We’ve had] a run of really strong home – not just performances – because they weren’t as important as the outcomes, and they were wins,” said Dyche.

“Whatever way it comes around, we want to reward all of us, really – the players, the staff and the fans for what ends up being a positive season, after some very very tricky times. We want to finish it off with a win.

“You just have to focus on the players and remind them of the fact that, as mentioned earlier, the pride and consistency we have in our values as a group to go and perform.

“We want to give a performance; we want to win. Afterwards, it’’ll be the first time in a number of years we can have a walk around in a fashion that is rewarding for the players and the fans. I think that’s a nice sign-off for the players and the fans, and hopefully, do that on the back of a win, as well.

“It’s been a really strange season for many reasons, yet we end up with a positive feel to it, and certainly I do. But I think the players do and I think the fans do.”
Everton will take on Sheffield United in a Premier League game on Saturday and Dyche has provided an injury update on his team.

He continued: “Most are around it. We’ve not got anyone seriously injured so it should be the group ready to go again.
“I always believe in playing a team that can win a game so that’ll be the main thing. There might be certain changes but we’ll wait and see.

“We’ve come through training today unscathed, so it’s pretty much the group that we can change, if we feel it’s right, but we want to go and win the game – that is our mindset”.

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